In Memoriam: Energy 92.7 (Oct 2, 2004-Sept 10, 2009)

There have been some short stories posted about KNGY (Energy 92.7) flipping to a CHR Top 40 format very soon today. According to articles posted at All Access, it will become KREV-The Revolution. The station had been sold a couple months back.

I began this blog in early November in the same way as these guys had for previous Dance station KPTI which was also on the same frequency of 92.7 from May 2002 to April 2004. Energy went on-air on October 2, 2002. The station managed to surpass previous Dance station KPTI by having a number of on-air DJs, several mixshows, a successful morning show, a great selection of music, and of course the crystal clear internet stream. The station will be sorely missed.

I would like to thank everyone who helped with making this blog the best it could be by providing me with updates and other info I might have missed out on. I couldn't have done it without you. This blog will remain online to serve as a resource. I will continue to answer emails sent to the address posted.

-Disco Cowboy

PS: All the information that had been posted is still there. To make the site more easy to navigate, some pages have been shortened for the front page. Click the Read more link to see the full text.

Energy's Playlist

TO VISIT THE OFFICIAL ENERGY 92.7 WEBSITE, GO HERE: http://www.energy927fm.com

This is a listing of KNGY 92.7's music library. This will be updated as more songs are added/played. Mix information is fairly accurate. Some changes may be made to mix information as new information becomes available. Tracks with multiple mixes are denoted with a "/" between the names of the mixes.

Songs are listed based on both the original release year and when they were added to the station's playlist.

Please feel free to email at the address in the right column to provide info for any songs that are not listed here, but have been played on the station. Also, please email if a song is played that is not listedAll information is welcome. Also, if you have questions about where to purchase certain songs, please email.


Energy First Spin Tracks

Songs that are played during the First Spin Segment, but not officially added will be listed here.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is a collection of the questions that are asked through email a lot. Before emailing, please take the time to see if the question you are asking has already been addressed so you can get an immediate response. If it is not addressed here, please email at the address on the right link that says Email.

Where to buy music heard on Energy?

For specific songs, please email for information on purchasing.

The majority of music played on Energy 92.7 is available either in actual music stores, at online music stores, or through digital music stores. Email for specific questions of where a certain song can be found.