Where to buy music heard on Energy?

For specific songs, please email for information on purchasing.

The majority of music played on Energy 92.7 is available either in actual music stores, at online music stores, or through digital music stores. Email for specific questions of where a certain song can be found.

However, some songs are in versions that are commercially unavailable or are hard for consumers to find. Promo Only includes a vast majority of the radio versions of the extended club and remix versions. Subscriptions to Promo Only are only available to qualifying DJs and radio stations. Ultimix and X-Mix are two other similar services. Many of the songs they play on Energy come from some of these services.

Also, remix and alternate versions are issued on some editions of the artist's albums, or are on special remix eps and albums. Some editions of albums contain bonus discs with remixes and alternate versions, while Limited Edition versions of albums do the same thing. Also, some artists have released complete remix albums.

And some versions of songs are bootlegs or white labels that are really rare. Take the Wicked Mix remix of Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams". That was only available in a small release to DJs only. Or take the version of "Clocks" by Coldplay that is played on Energy. That is an amateur mix that wasn't officially released. There were dance mixes for the song, but those were the mixes that tested better.

And certain remixes of songs are completely unavailable to the general public like the Ford remixes (like the Ryan Cabrera track "True"). This was an exclusive mix that they did and this was serviced directly to the station. Or the Tracy Young Club Mix of "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera. This is a rare version of the song that is only available on only a handful of vinyl and CD promos.

Import and domestic maxi CD singles are the next best thing. Many feature the versions that are popular. Some even include music videos and other bonus stuff. Check out Amazon.com for these. Tracklistings and samples are available for most releases.

A good amount of the recent songs (from like 2001 to 2005) are available on various compilations put out by a label called Robbins Entertainment. They have several collections available that feature various house, trance, and techno songs. The names of these collections include The Best Of House, The Best Of Trance, The Best Of Tribal, and The Best Of Hits (Dance). The first few of the house and trance ones featured some recent songs and older songs. Then The Best Of Hits one features a large number of songs that are heard on dance radio. It features some hard to find tracks like the commercially unavailable "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven [Valentin Mix]" by Deborah Cox. Also a rare mix of Pink's "Just Like A Pill" is on there too. These compilations are totally unmixed and are a great substitute if purchasing a lot of singles is not possible. The majority of the songs are in their original mixes, or in the mixes that they are popular in . Check out the website for the tracklistings of the CDs. They also make some mixed compilations like the House Party, Trance Party, and Mixshow serieses. These are pretty good too. Several of these are put out every year. 4 new CDs were recently issued in a series called Perfect Playlist. These feature some recent and classic songs in various genres. Check out Amazon for those.

Another label that puts out some pretty good mixed CDs with the hottest songs is Ultra Records. These compilations are decently priced. They have the Ultra Trance, Ultra Dance, and Ultra Chilled compilations. And several times a year, they release U.S. editions of Ministry Of Sound's best-selling compilations. These M.O.S. compilations are usually mixed and feature a good selection of U.S. dance hits and international hits. Towards the end of each year, they issue a compilation called Ministry Of Sound: The Annual. These are usually 2 discs and feature some of the previous year's big hits, and some tracks that may be huge during the next year. Also, many songs are in exclusive versions that are hard to find. This label also releases quite a lot of singles. Artists like Dannii Minogue, Despina Vandi, Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi, Motorcycle, Shapeshifters:UK, and many others heard on Energy call this label home. Check out their website to see tracklistings, hear audio previews, and buy music. On Apple's iTunes Music Store, they sell special unmixed versions of the Ultra Records compilations. Only some tracks are available seperately.

Some house, classic and modern disco, and other similar styles of music are available in a special unmixed series that is regularly put out by a label in the United Kingdom called Hed Kandi. These are usually two discs and feature a good selection of current hits. Also, they put out collections featuring some classics. Check out their website for tracklistings and samples. They also make mixed compilations. Before purchasing, look for it to say "mixed by" if you want mixed. The Disco Kandi, Winter Chill, Stereo Sushi, Beach House, Serve Chilled, Back To Love and the Twisted Disco ones are unmixed usually.

A lot of the older song played on Energy 92.7 are available on compilations too. It may be a better idea to purchase the compilations. A lot of the disco is available in this really economical series called Disco Nights by Excelsior Recordings. Volumes 1 thru 6 are all disco. They sound great and have a good track selection. Check out Amazon.com for the tracklisting. The Pure Disco series is also really good too. That's a bit more on the expensive side, but this series packs in enough songs to fill up the capacity of the CDs. And there is also the Disco Box and Disco Years collections. Those are pretty good too.

Then for early to mid 90's music, those Pulse and Fired Up! compilations are pretty good. The second release of the latter features the same versions that are played on Energy for most of the tracks. Both feature a lot of good songs in the popular versions and are priced well. The songs are unmixed and in Radio Edits. Check out MusicSpace.com for tracklistings and samples. The double-disc versions are only available online. Single disc versions of those compilations are available at most music stores.

For trance, techno, and house songs, there is an up and coming record label called Water Music Records. They have put out several serieses of unmixed compilations featuring some hard to find tracks. They have the Pure Progressive, Pure Techno, Pure Trance, This Is Dance!, This Is Trance!, Trance Divas collections for now. They are decently priced and pack a good punch for the price.

The 80's and early 90's freestyle is available on Tommy Boy's two serieses Freestyle's Greatest Beats and The Perfect Beats. See Amazon for these. These are totally unmixed and featured just the best songs in the versions that they were popular in. Most tracks are in their album versions.

Most recently, an unmixed compilation called Superstars Remixed came out. It features 19 radio edits that are remixed versions of some recent and classic songs. This is available at almost all music stores. See my review here for more info.

Of course, no series of compilations will feature each and every song that was a hit, or a favorite. At least, not yet.