FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is a collection of the questions that are asked through email a lot. Before emailing, please take the time to see if the question you are asking has already been addressed so you can get an immediate response. If it is not addressed here, please email at the address on the right link that says Email.

I have a question about a song played on the station.

All current songs are listed in the listing in the top post. New adds are denoted with the red color. If you have a question about the song and decide to email, please provide the most basic info like was it fast or slow, some lyrics from the song (preferably, in sequence) and if there is anything unusual or different about it. I do not keep a list of all songs played. And if it is possible, try to provide a short audio clip of the song to be identified. That would greatly help in identification.

Can you send me mp3s of songs I want?

The simple answer is no. In addition to that being illegal, I am not a file sharing service. If I sent mp3s to everyone who requested mp3s, all I would be doing is sending songs. And we need to support our favorite artists and labels if we want them to continue making and putting out music. And most of the time, I do not even have the mp3s being requested. I will provide a sample or a link to one if possible, but at most, it will be a 30 to 60 second sample only from one of the digital stores or YouTube, or something similar.

What is the web address for the official website?

The official site is at the web address www.energy927fm.com. It went officially online back in January.

I want a specific song added to the station's library, how can I go about asking for that?

You really can't ask them/force them to, They may take suggestions, but it's highly unlikely they'd add a song just like that.They most likely have a whole process they go through so it's not as simple as it sounds.

Can you ask the station to add a certain song?

The creator/moderator of this blog is in no way connected to Energy 92.7 or Flying Bear Media. So there is no way for that to be done.

Is internet streaming available?

Yes it is available. It is a 128 K stream.

How can I get a job at Energy 92.7?

The creator/moderator of the blog does not have any affiliation with the station, so in terms of jobs, information for that is not available. Contact the station using the appropriate numbers/email addresses personally to make such inquiries.

How can I advertise on Energy 92.7?

Again, there's no affiliation with the station or powers pertaining to advertising. Similarly, information for advertising is not available at the moment.

I won something on Energy and I haven't received it yet.

The creator/moderator of this blog doesn't have any control/influence in that. However, contacting the station during the program that you won it from is a better idea.